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Los Angeles County Property Taxes

This post is all about Los Angeles County Property taxes.

Los Angeles County Property Taxes

Deciphering Los Angeles property taxes can be extremely confusing. There are two annual property tax bills. They are delinquent on April 10 and December 10. If you haven’t received your bill, you can locate your LA County tax amount here

In addition to Los Angeles County property taxes, new homeowners are also responsible for supplemental taxes. These are in addition to annual taxes. Recent homeowners are often responsible for paying supplemental property taxes. Supplemental bills are based on the difference between the prior assessed value. And the new assessed value, which is generally the purchase price. This amount is prorated. It is based on the number of months left in the fiscal year from your purchase date. The difference will be refunded if the property is reassessed at a lower value.

Supplemental tax bills are the new homeowner’s responsibility. The Treasurer and Tax Collector’s Office will mail it approximately six to eight months after the purchase. If paid late, there will be penalties. Impound accounts do not generally pay these bills. View your estimated supplemental tax amount

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