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Los Angeles Market Loft Condo Closed

Our Los Angeles Market Loft condo just closed!

Los Angeles Market Loft Condo Closed

Have you ever thought it would be fun to live in Downtown Los Angeles?

I worked in the One Wilshire Building in Los Angeles in the 1980’s.  Downtown was a completely different vibe.  Across the street was Casey’s Irish Pub, and so fun for a single woman to go after work.  The men outnumbered the women by five to one. Blocks away were major shopping stores: Bullocks, May Co., Robinson. And a few blocks more the Jewelry Mart.  But after dark, it didn’t feel safe to venture too far from the financial district.

This Market Loft condo is located near Ralphs, Whole Foods, shopping, restaurants, Staples, LA Live, and Metro.  Upscale building amenities include 24-hour security, pool, jacuzzi, BBQ, clubhouse, fitness center, and movie theater.

Although, homeowner’s dues were high (just over $700) our client decided it would be cheaper to buy then to rent. What he didn’t count on was a job transfer and selling within a year.

Lucky for him that prices dramatically increased in this year. In addition to the benefit of his tax write off, after all his selling costs he was able to make a small profit. Obviously one can’t always count on this much appreciation, but in our client’s instance his short term investment paid off.

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2 thoughts on “Los Angeles Market Loft Condo Closed

  1. Sam says:

    I think this type of living space is especially nice for seniors. Walkability is everything as you age. Keeps one fit and keeps one connected even if they need to give up driving

  2. Nancy says:

    Lucky man

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