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Marketing a unique home during a pandemic

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Marketing a unique home during a pandemic

Dear Phyllis,

I have been enjoying your real estate question and answers for years. Our home has been on the market for three months. It is unique and consequently will appeal to a very specific buyer. It is my opinion that because open houses aren’t allowed that this is really impacting our Realtor’s ability to market our home. If it could be open every weekend, I think the right buyer would find us. Our agent keeps talking about dropping the price, but I am hoping for another option. Therefore, maybe we should just wait for COVID to end or do you have any advice to share?

In a quandary

Dear Quandary,

COVID has impacted the way we sell real estate. Previously, we would host a Broker’s Open House, a Weekend of Open Houses and then collect offers. The goal was to maximize traffic with “looky-loos”. And “looky-loo’s” might be the emotional buyer you are seeking.

I think COVID will change the way a lot of industries conduct business, real estate included. Open houses for occupied homes may be a thing of the past. The idea of inviting strangers into your home to wander around is certainly strange.

I am not familiar with your home, its condition or location, so I can’t comment on price. That is up to you and your real estate agent. But you should seriously consider his recommendation. Why don’t you and your real estate agent Facetime or conduct a Zoom meeting and brainstorm. Suggest video. Perhaps your Realtor might send a video of your home to every real estate agent that represented a buyer or seller of a home in your price range in the last year. Perhaps your agent could run a Facebook ad with the video.

In the absence of open houses, networking has become more important. Social media plays a huge role in marketing a unique home during a pandemic. If your Relator works in a larger office, he might ask different agents to feature the listing on their social media. I recently had a listing that I had difficulty selling. It had an amazing yard and garden. Several different agents in my office featured the listing via video on their social media. It’s just a matter of constant exposure to find the unique buyer for your unique home.

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