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Moving and Unpacking

When moving to a new home, individuals vary in their approach. Some find packing arduous while unpacking in the new residence fills them with a sense of energy and opportunity. On the flip side, others relish the excitement of packing but detest the struggle of unpacking after the moving vans have delivered furniture and boxes to the new house. Regardless of your stance, following a basic process can ensure the final stages of your move proceed as smoothly as possible.

moving and unpacking

To unpack efficiently, start by understanding what you’re unpacking. Refer to the inventory list, whether provided by the moving company or one you created before the move. Ideally, items were packed based on usage or by room, so check box labels or peer inside before emptying them.

Begin with the essentials box, one of the first boxes off the truck or in your car. These items are crucial for the short-term functioning of your home. If you didn’t designate specific boxes for essentials, quickly locate the necessary items for the first few nights, including toiletries, medications, books, paperwork, chargers, and essential food preparation items.

Prioritize the kitchen next. Unpack and organize kitchen items, considering pre-labeled boxes for quick access. If time permits, line kitchen cupboards and cabinets first. If not, unpack only what’s immediately needed and focus on major appliances and small conveniences like the coffee pot and toaster. Return to complete the kitchen organization after unpacking the rest of the house.

Move on to assembling beds and unpacking linens in the bedrooms. Ideally, set aside a single set of linens for each bed when packing for an easy first night. Plan furniture placement and closet organization before unpacking boxed items, if possible, to streamline the process.

After bedrooms, focus on unpacking the bathrooms. While fixtures are functional upon arrival, you will quickly need to unpack towels, toiletries, and other bathroom items. Nothing makes a house feel like a home more than having a comfortable, fully stocked bathroom. Again, start by unpacking the most essential items—medications, body care products, and towels. But complete bathroom unpacking should be among the first things you do.

In the next weeks, set a few hours aside each day or weekend to ensure you’ll gradually complete the job.

One thought on “Moving and Unpacking

  1. Carrie says:

    So personally I was not a fan of either packing or unpacking but if I was forced to choose I would say unpacking. It gave me an opportunity to reorganize all of my belongings in a way that hadn’t been done in years. On a side note I have not missed or regretted one thing that I either threw out or donated.

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