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Moving is my business, but I don’t want to move

Although moving is my business, I don’t want to. Now that my daughters are grown, my husband constantly brings up moving to another community. He would love to live in a high-rise in the Wilshire Corridor. So many people in La Canada relocate after their children graduate high school or college. They cash out of the big house in the prime school district and opt for something smaller. But I have many reasons not to move.

Of course, I am a creature of habit and love La Canada. The city doesn’t have a lot of traffic, and crime is low. I have my routine. Farmers Market on Saturday morning, mass at St. Bede on Sunday. I was raised in Glendale and know all of the adjoining neighborhoods where I sell real estate. I can’t imagine selling homes in unfamiliar territory. While my husband has family in La Canada, my nearest family is in Simi Valley. But I have many friends who live in La Canada, and we often catch up at Taylors’ Steak House or to walk our dogs.

The thought of clearing out our home, guest house, and garage after living here for over twenty years is daunting. And I love my home – especially my backyard. So when my husband brings up the idea of selling, I nod and tell him I will consider moving to Florence but not the Westside.

Harb family in Italy

When I meet with home sellers who are reluctant to move, I sympathize and don’t push – it’s a big decision and not to be taken lightly. At some point in the future, perhaps retirement will loom, and things will change, but at this point, the Harbs are not going anywhere.

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