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Must the buyer attend the final walk through?

Must the buyer attend the final walk through?

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Dear Phyllis,

I recently purchased a home.  By the end of the process and for a variety of reasons I just didn’t want to have to meet the seller again. Although he knew I didn’t want to, when it was time for the last walk through, my real estate agent pushed me to attend. I gave in to the pressure. And am still upset with what turned into one more unpleasant episode with the seller. Do you feel it was necessary for me to have to be put through that?

Disgruntled home buyer

Dear Disgruntled,

Buying a home can be an emotional roller coaster.  Having sold real estate for more than two decades, I know that some escrows are less pleasant experiences than others. A buyer doesn’t have to attend the final walk through. I recently had a client request that I attend the final walk through for him as he too didn’t want to meet with the seller.

It can work both ways. Years ago, I had a seller who refused to meet with the buyer for the final walk through. The purpose of the final walk through shortly before closing is for the buyer to verify that the condition of the home is basically in the same shape as when the buyer agreed to purchase. At that time, it is a courtesy for the seller to show the buyer how things around the home work.

To answer your question, in my opinion it was not necessary for you to further escalate an unpleasant situation. But since I was not involved in your entire transaction, I can only give you my best guess.

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