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Not all Realtors® are Created Equal

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The agent you hire should assist you in preparing your home for sale. Your real estate agent should guide you in establishing the correct list price. In addition they should prepare a customized marketing plan.  Not all Realtors are created equal. Your Realtor® must be a strong negotiator.  In addition to negotiating the purchase offer, it is likely that the buyer may attempt to renegotiate after their physical inspection.

Every home seller wants to know that their real estate agent is diligently working on their behalf. Once in escrow, it is critical that the Realtor you hire keep you up to date regarding the status of your escrow.

Not all Realtors are created equal. National Real Estate surveys continually indicate that the number one complaint from consumers against Realtors® is their lack of communication skills. There are countless stories of sellers who rarely heard from their Realtor unless they initiated the contact.  When you ask neighbors and friends for their Realtor recommendations ask how easy it was to reach their agent and how much support and advice they offered throughout the entire process.

Some home sellers may feel tempted to choose the Realtor who suggests the highest asking price for their home. But keep in mind, the buyer determines the selling price.  In today’s hot seller’s market with the correct asking price, you will be negotiating up, not down.

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