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Organizing your pantry to sell

Organizing your pantry to sell is a bit different from simply organizing your pantry. You are selling space, so you don’t want a cluttered panty.

Organizing your pantry to sell

First things first: Remove everything from the panty and clean.

Now you are ready to sort:

Grab a trash can for things that have expired and need to be thrown away. You are moving and you certainly don’t want to move your entire pantry. Get a box for items you really don’t need which can be donated.

Now it’s time to organize! Everything should be visible and arranged neatly.

Here are Harb & Co.’s top six tips on organizing your pantry to sell:

Designate areas for different types of food such as baking supplies, cereal, jellies, syrups, coffee and tea, snacks, canned goods, rice and beans, condiments, and oil and vinegar. I cook a lot of Chinese food and prefer to keep the sauces together.

Arrange items on shelves so that taller items are in the back and shorter ones in front.

Garlic, onions, potatoes, and tomatoes should be stored separately in lined baskets.

Organize unopened boxes by group and by color. Sometimes boxes look better lying flat rather than upright. Transfer opened containers to clear canisters, containers or jars that can be labeled.

Paper products should be kept neatly organized in one section.

Cooking appliances should be in their own area (bottom shelves because they are heavier). When organizing your pantry to sell you want to give the illusion of more space. Now is the time to pack up cooking appliances you don’t need for the next few months. Likely you can do without the waffle maker and or bread maker for awhile.

Contact Harb and Co. for a no-obligation consultation on preparing your home for sale. It’s never too soon to start.

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