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Our Professional Relationship


We are full-time Realtors. Educated in the legal aspects of real estate practices and licensed by California to provide real estate services. As California and National Associations of Realtors members, we abide by a strict Code of Ethics. This allows us to provide you with the highest level of service. We earn our living by fulfilling the needs of home buyers and sellers with integrity. Our professional relationship is critical to the successful purchase of your home.

real estate relationship

Skilled Service

We perform a large part of our work “behind the scenes.” We preview homes, research comparable sales, gain market knowledge, evaluate changing legislation, and maintain our professional credentials. For every hour we spend showing you homes, we may have spent numerous hours in preparation. We are constantly acquiring information that will help us better represent you.

Realtor Compensation

Realtors do not receive a traditional salary. We work entirely on commission, which we receive only when we initiate and complete a transaction for you. Real Estate commissions are traditionally paid at the close of escrow from the seller’s proceeds. Compensation comes only when you take ownership of your new home.

Putting Harb & Co. to Work For You

If you see any home that interests you, ask us about it. Whether online, advertised by a sign, in the newspaper or a “For Sale By Owner.” Even if listed with another Realtor or not on the market. We can represent you in the pursuit of the property.

Your Commitment to Harb & Co.

Once you decide to work with us, we will invest substantial time and effort in locating your home. We will also represent you with unequaled integrity throughout purchasing that home. We request your loyalty. A commitment that you will work with us exclusively in selecting and purchasing your home. If you have any questions about how we work, please ask.

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