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Packing Checklist and Timeline

Whether you moved across the country or around the corner, “I am never moving again” probably crossed your mind. Likely, you will face another move.  For a smoother moving experience, consider this packing checklist and timeline:

Packing Checklist and Timeline

As Soon as Possible: 

Order supplies: Get moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap, markers, and wardrobe boxes.

Begin to pack items you won’t need in the immediate future. You will want to start eliminating clutter before listing your home for sale.

Sort and purge: Evaluate each room and decide what to keep and what to donate.

Research movers: Select your moving company and obtain an estimate.

Stop stocking up: You don’t want to move endless cleaning supplies and pantry items.

One Month Before:

Select your mover and confirm arrangements: Choose a moving company and obtain written confirmation.

Continue packing: Start with infrequently used items.

Label: Clearly label boxes with contents and room location. Pack “essentials” boxes for immediate needs.

Separate valuables: Transport items like jewelry and important files personally.

Change address: Complete the change-of-address form online at

Notify essential parties: Inform banks, brokerage firms, employers’ HR departments, subscriptions, newspapers, credit cards, insurance companies.

Organize records: If applicable transfer school and medical records.

Days before:

Transfer Utilities

One thought on “Packing Checklist and Timeline

  1. Matt says:

    We messed up on our packing recently. Instead of going room by room we just packed by what fit best in the spaces in the boxes. That made unpacking a nightmare. We didn’t know where to find anything

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