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Pasadena Mid-Century Listing Sold

Our Pasadena Mid-Century Listing Sold. Often, real estate is so much more than a home. It’s about people and their emotions and needs. This was a trust sale, and the trustee was a reluctant trustee. She was simply overwhelmed with the responsibility. Her friend had moved on to Senior Housing, and the trustee was responsible for selling this Pasadena mid-century home for the highest price. The money from the sale was needed to pay for her friend’s care for the remainder of her years.

Pasadena mid-century

When I initially met the trustee, it was rocky. She needed to trust me, but I had to earn it. Once that happened, it was fairly smooth sailing.  It took the estate salesperson a really long time to get his job done. And funds were running low to pay for her friend’s care.  It took about three months for the estate person to get the sale ready and I only had one week, to get the home professionally cleaned, staged, photographed and in the MLS.

I have recently had several clients make poor decisions with estate sale companies – please call me for a recommendation. I have someone fantastic! We held our Pasadena’s Broker’s Open House on Thursday and had the home open Saturday and Sunday.  Escrow opened on the following Monday with a cash buyer. We had a handful of offers and sold for $100,000 over asking price.

Now with any sale there is typically some drama.  After the buyer’s inspection, there was a request for a $25,000 reduction. So, we do what we do.  We go down the list of people who submitted offers to determine if they will accept the home with the current buyer’s inspections at the in-escrow price.  I had two buyers agree, one of which was cash and another agent wanting to write an offer.  I shared this information with the buyer’s agent and advised that the seller will not agree to the price reduction; move forward or cancel escrow.  The first buyer opted to move forward at the original agreed upon purchase price.

Pasadena mid-century lovers take note: We have a Pasadena 3 + 2 Orange Grove condo coming to market soon!


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