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Pasadena Real Estate Market August 2023

Let’s dive into the Pasadena Real Estate Market for August 2023. Forty-six homes sold last month, down from July’s sixty. Twenty-eight of these homes sold for over the asking price, two at asking, and sixteen under the asking price. The least expensive home sold in Pasadena was a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,543-square-foot home located at 959 Worcester Ave. Initially listed for $900,000 and sold in only seven days for $770,000. This was a probate sale; perhaps the heirs felt it would be bid up in probate court.

The most expensive home sold was a four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 3,350-square-foot home located at 790 Burleigh Dr. The original list price was $4,250,000, and it sold in just seven days for $4,500,000.

Pasadena Real Estate Market August 2023

In the analysis of the Pasadena real estate market for August 2023, one notable aspect is the average price per square foot range. The luxury property on Burleigh stands out at the upper end, fetching a selling price of $1,343 per square foot. Conversely, the 4,471-square-foot residence on Cliff Drive represents the lower end, with a selling price of only $431 per square foot.

Additionally, there is significant variation in the number of days these properties spent on the market. The 1,610 square foot home on Bell sold off the market in 0 days. In contrast, a property on Catalina took a much longer route to a sale, as it remained listed for 458 days. Initially listed at $1,499,000, it eventually sold for $1,250,000.


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