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Pasadena Real Estate Values

pasadena ca real estate listings sales average price per square foot

Real estate values continue to hold their own and Pasadena is no exception. Last month, (May 2017), there were 105 Pasadena home sales – homes which closed escrow. The “average” home sold was 2255 square feet which would buy the “average” $1,263,115 home.

The cheapest Pasadena home sale was 2064 N. Summit which sold for $275,000 – interesting, it was listed and sold by the same Realtor. The only other Pasadena home to sell for under $400,000 this year was a much smaller home located at 1658 Glen Ave.,  located on a larger lot and selling for $382,000.   That’s all I know, but certainly seems off.

Three homes sold over $3,000,000, the most expensive home to sell was 561 Woodland, which closed escrow for $5,000,000.

It continues to be a seller’s market and a very difficult one for first time home buyers.

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