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Preparing Your Front Yard to Sell

Preparing your front yard to sell is certainly simpler than preparing your home to sell.  The first thing you should do is consult with your Realtor for their suggestions.

Preparing Your Front Yard to Sell

Usually the first recommendation I make is for the gardener to throw some seed in any areas with dead grass.  It will be about three weeks for the seed to sprout and fill in.  Be sure to keep the seed watered. Have your gardener address why these areas weren’t grassy. Was it a lack of water? Do the sprinklers need adjusting? If your gardener isn’t capable, the Realtor you hire should have a recommendation.

Preparing Your Front Yard to Sellgarden hose pots

Store hoses neatly. There are many options. Not the most attractive, but certainly the simplest is a coil hose.  It’s a tidy solution and the one we have at our home. But if you want to make the extra effort garden hose pots are lovely. And as they are not attached to the property, can be considered personal property. If the buyer wants them to stay with the home, it will need to be specified in the purchase contract.

When preparing your front yard to sell, take a good look at your home from the street.  Trim all scraggly looking shrubs  and fill in any missing areas. Add fresh mulch where needed and plant some fresh flowers for a pop of color. Likely a new doormat is in order.

If the exterior is dusty and dirty consider having the home pressure washed and the windows professionally cleaned.

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