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Preparing your home for sale? Don’t overlook reorganizing your closet

I grew up in Glendale, CA.  At that time, the majority of the homes were built prior to 1950. Closet space was at a premium. My sister and I shared one small closet. Fast forward to today and most newer homes have ample closet space. But often, the more we have the more we utilize. When preparing your home for sale don’t overlook reorganizing your closet.

Ideally, a buyer should be able to envision waking in the morning and easily selecting the perfect outfit. Now is the time to sort through your closet and donate what you can.  Your closet should look as if you could easily withstand a shopping spree or two.

reorganizing your closet

Scent: No mothball smell, please. Lavender, eucalyptus, lemon – anything fresh is nice.

Hangers: They should all match. Personally, I prefer clear plastic hangers. They are not fancy but they glide nicely along the pole and are easy to match. Whatever your preference, just ensure the hangers match. Dry cleaning plastic bags and wire hangers are unattractive, transfer them.

Color Coordinate: Grouping similar colors will make the space appear larger and less chaotic.

reorganizing your closet

Pizzazz: If there’s room, add a chair with an inviting throw – a place to sit and put on your boots. Depending on your home’s price range, designer boxes are also great additions. Showcase a pair of “wow” shoes.

Even if you aren’t preparing your home for sale, there is no reason not to reorganize your closet. You will certainly derive pleasure and satisfaction from a well deserved reorganization.

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