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Presenting The Offer

We’ve found the right home! Now it’s time to present the offer. Once the necessary paperwork has been completed, the Harb and Co. Team will contact the seller’s agent. We will outline your strengths as a buyer, and the benefits to the seller in accepting your offer. We may also discuss comparable sales and listings with the seller, if needed to justify the purchase price being offered.

When presenting the offer, we will have included in the offer how long the seller has to accept the offer prior to its expiration. The seller can either accept the offer as is, or make a counter offer to any of the terms. You will not be present at the time the offer is presented to the seller. But, you will need to be available in the event of a counter offer or for additional questions the seller may have.

The seller may not accept your offer as written.  Instead they may provide you with a counter offer. You may need to respond quickly to the seller’s counter. If the seller does counter your offer, we will present the terms to you, at which point, you can either accept the seller’s amended terms, or counter any of the seller’s terms that you are not in agreement with. The length of time of these negotiations vary, but typically are between one and five days.

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