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Probate Fixer Closed

We just closed this probate fixer in the San Gabriel Valley.

This client had worked with us before. Last year, we facilitated the sale of income property in Glendale for her and her siblings following her mother’s passing. Unfortunately, her husband passed away during that escrow, and she was not listed on the title. He passed away without leaving a will or trust.

By the time she got through the arduous probate process, she just wanted to be finished. Although she wanted to sell “as is,” the city of Azusa requires a city inspection, and the city made several requirements that had to be completed within 90 days of the report. The enclosed porch had to be torn down. The washer and dryer hooks on the enclosed porch were prohibited and had to be capped off. In addition, her husband had storage containers on the property that had to be removed.

Through the Harb and Co. Concierge Program, we fronted the cost for the city requirements, the pre-inspection, and the initial cleaning.

As her husband was a tinkerer, we decided it would be best to do a pre-inspection. We had twelve offers. The buyer with the highest offer agreed to accept the home in its present condition and waived their inspection contingency. This probate fixer was listed for $649,000 and closed at $703,000.

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One thought on “Probate Fixer Closed

  1. Carrie says:

    A city inspection before a sale sounds awful. I suppose these things may have come out in a regular inspection but this just seems more intense. I have a tinkering husband too yikes!

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