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Public Open Houses

There are two types of open houses. One is the broker’s caravan. Recently I have been holding more public open houses.  As I have been selling real estate for more than two decades, I not only run into friends and neighbors but people I have met at other open houses.  At the Via Venado home in La Canada, I ran into a couple who purchased one of my La Crescenta listings six years ago (with another agent).  And became reacquainted with another couple I met fifteen years ago at a listing I had near Kenneth Village in Northwest Glendale.

public open houses

Open house traffic is up and it seems that more neighbors are visiting the new listings in their neighborhood, trying to get a gauge on prices. But in this heated home seller’s real estate environment the listing price is often much less than the selling price. If you are a neighbor trying to get a feel for prices, be sure to check online or contact the agent to learn the final selling price.


Click here: to keep up to date on real estate values 

If you attend public open houses, please take this refresher course on Open House Etiquette 


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