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Qualities needed to be a successful real estate agent

There are many qualities needed to be a successful real estate agent. A major one is that you need to be a self starter and disciplined. I come from a mortgage banking background and am accustomed to structure. Due to this background I tend to keep more normal business hours during the week.

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Of course if I am negotiating a real estate contract that may go into the evening hours. But the title and escrow companies and many of the lenders are also keeping bankers hours as well.

There is no typical week for a Realtor. When I list a home, I am not always certain how long it will take to sell. My beautiful La Canada listing on Madison took over a month to sell. I do know that my new listings will be open the weekend they hit the MLS. That is easy enough to calendar out.

When working with home buyers, I never know when a perfect new listing will hit the market. It’s hard to be always available when this business is so unpredictable and that’s why having a real estate partner is such a big help.

Obviously, when a real estate agent is not reputable, they won’t get repeat business or referrals from past clients. Today, it seems that everyone is over scheduled. Being reliable is another quality needed to be a successful real estate agent. Buying and selling a home is stressful, and a client doesn’t need to be involved in my personal drama.

Being available and not going missing in action is important. Being curious enough to keep up with real estate trends is crucial and that’s another reason we go on different broker caravans. Perhaps Pasadena Realtors are doing something innovative that we can incorporate when listing and selling La Canada and La Crescenta homes. Each week it is important that we preview new listings – this is how we keep up with Los Angeles real estate values.

Being a successful real estate agent is really no different than being successful in any profession.

One thought on “Qualities needed to be a successful real estate agent

  1. Nancy says:

    It may sound cliche but obviously you need to be good with people too. People are not always at their best when in high stress situations and house hunting or selling has got to peg the stress meter

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