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Real Estate Laws of Attraction


In my real estate business, “like” typically seems to attract “like”. Real Estate laws of attraction have been a strange part of my business. If I get a listing on Bel Air Drive in La Canada, I will often get another on Bel Aire Drive in Glendale. We just sold a Pasadena Condo on Orange Grove and then got a La Canada listing on Orange Knoll. Currently, I have La Canada and La Crescenta sellers named Ann. If there are any other Anns out there with real estate needs, they should contact me!

Real Estate Laws of Attraction

Real Estate Laws of Attraction

What are the three laws of attraction?

  • “Like” Attracts “Like”.
  • Nature Abhors a Vacuum.
  • The Present is Always Perfect.

In my business, like typically attracts like. Sadly, the present is not always perfect, however, I am an optimist.

What does nature abhors a vacuum mean?  This law of attraction suggests that removing negative things from your life can make space for more positive things to take their place. It is based on the notion that it is impossible to have a completely empty space in your mind and in your life. We have recently turned down two listings as we believed the seller’s expectations were unrealistic.

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One thought on “Real Estate Laws of Attraction

  1. Sam says:

    I guess it could take a bit for new sellers to accept that the market is changing and they should temper their expectations

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