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Real Estate Lingo – Say This not That

I recently sold a La Canada home, and my engineer client had written the property description. In his description, he used the term “master suite.” The term “master” is considered a reminder of slavery and is now offensive. The new buzzword is “primary suite.” In real estate lingo, say this, not that:

real estate lingo

A “bachelor pad” is a “pied-à-terre.” For quite some time, “walking distance” has been replaced by “adjacent” or “convenient too.” “His and hers closets” are “dual closets.” “Mother-in-law quarters” are now “guest suite,” “guest quarters,” or “adu.” A “Jack and Jill bathroom” is now a “Hollywood bathroom.” “She shed” and “man cave” are out as well.

While we can’t say “ideal family home,” we can still use “family room” (at least for now). I hope you enjoyed real estate lingo.

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One thought on “Real Estate Lingo – Say This not That

  1. Carrie says:

    As I grew up in the sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me era I find all of this absurd. I even raised my children this way . What do parent s tell their kids now?

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