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Real Estate Virtual Tours Versus Still Photography

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When a home is listed for sale, the first showings are from the Internet, and professional photography is critical. Crisp, clean photos are needed to get that potential home buyer through your front door. When I take a listing, we make sure it’s photo ready before our photographer arrives. Photo ready means clutter; personal and extra items are hidden from view. Trash cans are out of sight, and the yard is trimmed. It sounds simple, but it can be a lot of work.

Real estate virtual tours versus still photography. After we receive the photos, we then pick and  choose:

Which is the best angle that won’t showcase the power lines or the proximity to the next-door neighbor?

What is the room’s focal point? The bay window? The fireplace?

Real Estate Virtual Tours Versus Still Photography: When there is a virtual tour, there is no posturing for angles, and not as much can be hidden as each angle of the room will be highlighted. While home buyers love virtual tours, sellers can present a better first impression by having their real estate agent pick and choose which photos best showcase the home.

When it’s time to sell your home, discuss with your Realtor which will best showcase your home’s features, still photography, or a virtual tour. But be sure either way; the photography is left to a professional.

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