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Realtor Harb’s favorite APP

find my friends app

I have a favorite APP, and being a Realtor, my favored APP, may surprise you. There are numerous APP’s for Realtors, but my favorite is Find my Friends.  I really don’t like to live dangerously, but sometimes my parents think I do.  The Harb family had a fall trip planned to visit London followed by Thanksgiving week in Paris. And then there were the terrorist attacks in Paris.  Not to be deterred, we sadly detoured and flew LA to Rome. We enjoyed two days in the Eternal City and then rode the train to Florence, spent a week there, and flew to London for two nights.

My parents were worried, so prior to our departure we downloaded the Find my Friends APP.  My mom got it as well.  In the event something horrible happened, my mom would know exactly where we were.  (While we were in Florence, the Bakersfield attacks happened).

My youngest daughter recently returned from Oxford  (she was a Teacher’s Assistant) and it was comforting to keep tabs on her while she was away. So this Realtor mom’s  favorite APP is Find my Friends. Of course, if you have anything to hide, that will be an entirely different story.


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