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Recent Crime Sprees

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Don’t be a victim: recent crime sprees


I have a good friend who works for the probation department.  She warned me that the passing of Proposition 47, allowing the early release of thousands of inmates, would result in higher crime rates.  And she was right! There has been a rash of burglaries in my La Canada neighborhood, and Neighborhood Watch groups are growing in La Crescenta and Glendale as well.

How can you keep your home and family safe? I have always had a large dog or two, and that layer of protection calms me. Recently we installed outdoor LED lighting – lit from dusk to dawn.  I love them; anyone wanting to sneak in my yard or through one of the doors is illuminated.

But I believe the best deterrent to break-ins is to be alert and know your neighbors and their schedule. If you go out of town, be sure your neighbors know to be extra vigilant. Question anything suspicious. If you see someone sitting in a parked car, what are they doing? Why are they there?  Find out.

Not too long ago, a man knocked on my door to ask me if I wanted a tail light repaired on my car. What seemed especially odd to me was that he was not intimidated by my German Shepherd, who was lunging at him through the crack in the door. The man left and I called the sheriff (not 911), was I overreacting? I don’t know but instinctively, it didn’t feel right to me.

Read Anita Brenner’s recent article about Prop 47 


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