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A first time home buyer begins to settle in

My youngest daughter works in Beverly Hills and the daily commute from La Canada is overwhelming. Because rents are astronomical we tackled the rent versus buy dilemma. Tenants have little security over rent increases, or worse notice to vacate. She has been working since she was 16, had money saved and received some help from mom and dad and became a first time home buyer.

glendale pirch remodeling

Photo courtesy of Pirch

Now comes the fun part… furnishings and repairs. We replaced the old electrical panel and heating and air unit. She has purchased some furniture, and is in the midst of ordering faucets, hardware for her bathrooms, etc.

Last weekend, we went to Home Depot but it was overwhelming. Then we visited Pirch in Glendale I recommend their showroom to anyone considering remodeling or updating. The kitchen and bathroom vignettes are inspiring. Surprisingly they offer a discount off manufacturer’s list.  Likely you can find better prices, but if you prefer to have Nordstrom style service, this is the place. When purchasing more expensive items, I prefer to work with someone who is experienced, can guide me to the most affordable quality brands, etc. With most things in life, you get what you pay for.

The advisor we  met with was Jennifer Chadney, she was knowledgeable and helpful. If you are thinking of remodeling take a walk through their showroom. Although appointments are suggested, they are not required.

Currently the painter is at my daughter’s condo, she has a bed and still needs a mattress and most furniture. Some of the items she ordered have a five week ETA on delivery, so she will be commuting a bit longer.

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