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Ring Doorbells
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Dear Phyllis,

I love reading your real estate advice and have not seen you yet address the Ring doorbell. After months of looking, my niece just moved into her new Pasadena home. She completed her final walk-through with her agent and everything was in order. Once she closed escrow, she was surprised to find that the seller removed the Ring doorbell. In my experience with buying and selling real estate, this is an attachment the same as a light fixture. You understand that it’s a difficult time for home buyers competing with other offers and crazy selling prices. My niece paid $135,000 over the asking price. I am astonished that the seller was so miserly to remove an item that costs less than $200. Before my niece pursues this further can you weigh in?

Concerned Aunt

Dear Concerned Aunt,

I agree with you that the offer process for buyers is very competitive and inspection negotiations are rare. Your concerns are very valid after everything it takes to be the accepted buyer, the removal of the doorbell is the last unpleasant event that finally makes your niece feel she can’t accept more.

I am not an attorney, but I agree with you that the Ring doorbell (and any cameras) are an attachment and included with the sale of the home. If it’s not included it should be excluded from the Purchase Agreement, just as a seller might exclude their dining room chandelier.

When selling, the seller should disconnect the app on their personal device. The buyer can then download the app to create their own log in. The tricky thing is that you need the Ring serial number to reactivate the Ring. The serial number is located on the back of the Ring and a special tool is needed to remove it. The needed tool is less than $10.00 and can be ordered on the Ring website. Once the serial number is obtained the Ring can be reattached.

Have your niece contact her real estate agent (in writing) requesting that the seller compensate her for the cost of a new Ring or to return the one that was removed.

Thank you for your readership and best of luck to your niece!

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One thought on “Ring Doorbells

  1. Nancy says:

    What a novel question. To me at least. I never even thought about the ring doorbell. In the case of my home it replaced the actual doorbell. So if the seller doesn’t want it included it could be swapped out for a standard bell prior to listing.

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