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Selling a House Fast for Top Dollar

Most sellers I work with have the same goal: “selling a house fast for top dollar”.

In today’s overheated real estate market selling a house fast is not a problem.  Selling for top dollar however, requires a bit more preparation.  One of the first items to address is curb appeal.

Selling a House Fast for Top Dollar

At Harb & Co. we have a different approach for each home. And of course we keep in mind our client’s goals. Obviously, we take into consideration the conditions of the local real estate market. If you are a regular reader of our real estate blog you know that we keep real state statistics each month. Currently, the best market for home sellers is La Crescenta, then Glendale, then Pasadena. While it’s still a great time to sell your La Canada home, the inventory is a bit higher (proportionately) than the other three Foothill cities.

When deciding on our marketing approach, much will depend on the location of the home. The condition and how it conforms to the neighborhood is also important.

We sometimes begin with a pre-inspection. When the home is a fixer, the pre-inspection can often alleviate renegotiations once in escrow.  Alternately, when the home is in good condition, we can often improve it without spending a lot of money.  In this instance, we will review the pre-inspection with our client. We will decide which minimal repairs our handyman should make. Once the repairs are made the home is re-inspected.  As most of the minor repairs have been made, we don’t have too many defects remaining on the new inspection report.

As home buyers in the most popular Los Angeles suburbs, such as Burbank, Toluca Lake, Montrose, La Crescenta, Glendale, La Canada and Pasadena are paying record breaking prices, the condition of the home is very important. After spending hundreds of thousands on a down payment, there isn’t much left for repairs.

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