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Selling a Pasadena Home Held in Trust

When selling a Pasadena home held in trust it’s easy to be overwhelmed. We recently had a listing appointment with an overwhelmed Pasadena trustee. Additionally, she lives out of state, and after more than a year, this is where she is. 

Selling a Pasadena home held in trust

The Harb and Co. Team specializes in helping Pasadena trustees from beginning to end. From donation sources, overseeing desired repairs, and of course, marketing, negotiating, etc. Typically the first order of business is to divide and conquer.

Separate valuables to be distributed

This is often the most challenging task. You might find yourself laughing or crying as you recall special moments. Ask loved ones what items they want to keep.  Please give them a deadline for pick up because you need to prepare the home for sale at some point.  It can be challenging to decide what to keep but remember you only have so much space. Try to dedicate several rooms for items that loved ones will keep.

Grab a box or two and throw essential papers in them to sort through later.

Donate: Start a pile or dedicate a room

 Hauler/Trash: Typically, the garage is the most accessible access

Items to sell: From my experience as a Realtor, an estate sale is best. You do not want to hold a garage sale and watch strangers touch and haggle over a loved one’s possessions. It is simply too painful.

When selling a Pasadena home held in trust, meet with Phyllis Harb, a Realtor experienced with Trust sales. It is never too soon to do so.  Your initial meeting will provide you with a game plan. Will you be selling AS IS? Will you be dealing with minimal repairs or making more extensive updates?  As a local real estate agent I can provide you with recommendations for an estate sale or for vendors who will help prepare the home for sale. If needed, you now have ample time to get the front lawn looking lush.

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