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Selling during a pandemic

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Selling during a pandemic

Dear Phyllis,

Well I know this is a new one! I was going to list my home on the market last month, but decided to put it off because of the virus. As I don’t know how long all of this will last, I am thinking I may now want to proceed with selling. Do you think it’s safe to have my home on the market or should I wait?


Selling during a pandemic

Dear AG,

Many of my clients who live in their homes are holding off on listing. Selling during a pandemic, can definitely work in your favor. While other sellers are waiting, your home has a better chance of being noticed. Keep in mind listings will pick up again soon, as most of these potential home sellers are simply planning to delay the process by several months.  List now! Don’t wait for the competition.

I am not a medical professional and don’t know what is safe and what isn’t. In a time when most of us are not having friends and family in our home, I suggest you exercise the utmost caution when allowing strangers in. Motivated to sell now? Let’s discuss how you can do so as safely as possible.

Selling real estate amid a pandemic is certainly different! Realtors no longer host open houses or the weekly broker caravan tours. Open houses are now “virtual” via Zoom, Facebook Live, etc.

Some Realtors are requiring buyers to submit their offer prior to viewing the home in person (offer subject to inspection). Others are doing virtual walk throughs via Facetime and checking the buyer’s prequalification prior to in person viewings. In person showings are typically limited to two potential buyers in a home at the same time. Additionally, all visitors need to wear booties, gloves and masks.

In a perfect world, you might find somewhere else to live while your home is on the market. After it is in escrow and the buyer’s inspection contingency is removed, you might return home. At this point in the escrow, you could wait a few days and then return and Clorox every surface.

It’s your home and you have the right to make any additional safeguards you think are prudent. Best of luck to you on a safe and successful sale.

One thought on “Selling during a pandemic

  1. Carrie says:

    Long before we bought our first home my husband and I used to go to open houses to get a feel for the market. Not looky loos exactly but interested future buyers. I hope this will be allowed again one day soon as I know my daughter and her husband are now in a similar spot and could benefit from some open house viewing

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