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Selling your home during COVID

Selling your home during COVID is different, especially if you are living in it! Your real estate agent is no longer trying to maximize showings, but rather to qualify each one. Before an appointment is made, a PEAD (property entry and coronavirus advisory disclosure) is signed and a prequalification letter is submitted. Once reviewed by the listing agent an appointment is set.

Selling your home during COVID

Only two viewers (from the same household) and one of their Realtors are allowed in the home at a time with the seller’s and buyer’s real estate agent. The viewers may then be spritzed with hand sanitizer or provided gloves. Lights have been turned on, most doors and closets have been opened. The aim is to touch as little as possible. Generally the showing is limited to thirty minutes. If the buyer is late, that’s unfortunate.

Typically a home seller doesn’t need to do anything to sell their home. But selling your home during COVID is different. Homes in move in condition are more desirable than ever. If you think about it, this makes sense.  With just thirty minutes in a home, a buyer doesn’t have time to figure out solutions to home improvement dilemmas.  They are in a showroom…. your home. Home sellers wanting to sell their home for the most money possible are spending some time and effort on preparing their home for sale.

Selling during COVID is not the time to linger on the market, you want as few showings as possible, minimizing the number of people in your home.

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