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Selling your home – Mum’s the word!

Selling your home? Mum’s the word!

Real estate agents differ on whether or not the home seller should be present during open houses, showings and the buyer’s inspections. I prefer that my clients avoid the buyers like the plague. the primary reason is the buyer or their agent can’t later claim the seller made misleading statements. When selling your home, mum’s the word.


If a home seller insists on being home, they should be very careful of any interaction between the buyer and the buyer’s Realtor. The seller should have several canned statements at the ready. For instance: I don’t know, let me have my Realtor get back to you.

The home inspector’s job is to uncover defects about the home. If the seller disagrees, they should take their real estate agent aside and let them know. During the inspection, the seller should never start making claims about the condition of the home. They should let their real estate agent interject if necessary.  Keep in mind the following:

Approximately is a great word. If the seller had the roof replaced ten years ago, approximately is a good caveat (sometimes time flies and what seems to be ten years ago, might be fifteen). Better yet, add a canned statement. I believe it was approximately ten years ago, but let me have my Realtor get back to you.

All questions regarding the condition of your home should be addressed in writing – it’s black and white, no “he said she said”.

Don’t oversell your home, if the buyer doesn’t want it, your real estate agent will find another buyer. Remember “mum’s the word”

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