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Source of Business

Each year, Kris and I tally our source of business. In 2022, 59% of our business came from referrals and 29% from previous clients. Source of Business

The rest of our business is from various sources, such as people we meet at open houses. We also find business from our real estate website and social media. We also gain exposure and likely business from my real estate question and answer column.

After selling real estate for over three decades, I am happy that I have never had to cold call strangers or knock on people’s doors to drum up business. I have never understood this aspect of prospecting for clients. I believe that if a Realtor is hoping to find people interested in real estate, host an open house.

When I perform at my best and make my clients pleased with my service, they will be lifelong clients. Additionally, I also help their children buy and sell homes too!

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