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Staging your formal dining room to sell

For many the dining room can become a “catch all” for all kinds of paper and clutter. But when staging your formal dining room to sell, the room should have a defined purpose. It’s a more elegant space in which to eat. Your goal is to make your dining room an inviting space where buyers can imagine entertaining friends and family. This room should be bright and welcoming.

Staging your formal dining room to sell

Often your dining room light fixture is the focal point of this room. Last year ceiling lighting became the focus of rooms rather than being simply functional. Trending were elegant and extravagant light fixtures in every style, from contemporary to traditional. Light fixtures should be 30 inches above the table. Another option to further brighten this space is by hanging a large mirror. If possible, hang it opposite a window. The material of the frame should match your light fixture or table. If your dining room is still dark, consider adding two lamps on either side of your buffet.

Staging your formal dining room to sell

In addition, if you have a china cabinet thin it out. Start with the top shelf by adding three to four place settings. Use teacups and saucers to fill in space between the settings. Fill in the middle by adding serving pieces and a pitcher or tea pot to add height in the center. Ground the bottom by arranging a large serving platter to create balance. Don’t overfill but add a few plates and glasses. Pack additional place settings, napkins, and table accessories. Now stand back and take a look to determine if you need to thin it out more. Your china should not be the focal point of the dining room.

In short, my advice on staging your formal dining room to sell is generic. Have your Realtor, walk through the home and give you tips tailored specifically for your home.

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2 thoughts on “Staging your formal dining room to sell

  1. samantha says:

    I have noticed that the younger generations look at china cabinets and see old and not in a good way. Maybe removing the china cabinet all together would help with a light airy open feel many of todays buyers are looking for.

    1. Phyllis Harb says:

      Good point! Especially if the room is crowded.

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