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Starlight Mesa Mid-Century Closed

If only they were all this simple…..  This Starlight Mesa Mid-Century Closed!

On July 16th, I woke early to an email from a previous client informing me that he would be selling this mid-century gem. His home is nearly perfect, and no preparation was needed. The floorplan, video and photos were all done on July 21st. We listed in the MLS on July 26. Showings began on Thursday, July 28th, for Pasadena Caravan, and open houses were held on Saturday & Sunday. 5310 Pali Point sold quickly and escrow was opened on August 3rd.

Starlight Mesa Mid-Century Closed

A benefit of my being at all of the showings is that I can meet the buyers. This buyer was delightful. As my client is a true gentleman, this was really important to me. While listed at $2,085,0000, this Starlight Mesa Mid Century closed at $2,365,000 after receiving eight offers.

Starlight Mesa Mid-Century Closed

As this can came on the market so quickly, we did not have the opportunity to have luxury property brochures printed. We instead opted for a digital one using a QR code.

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  1. Nancy says:

    I’ve never noticed the QR code method. But I loved it! So quick easy and no waste

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