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The Evolution of Real Estate Sales

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When I tired of mortgage banking and began selling real estate, Realtors worked from the MLS book which was published biweekly. It was our real estate bible; all of the “new” and “active” listings were in the book.  Of course because of the publishing delays, the information was not always current.  Working for a large real estate office gave me the advantage of knowing of my co-workers listings before the book arrived.

As the MLS system advanced the book became archaic and real estate agents who could not become proficient with computers were doomed.  Computers, voice mail and fax machines made it much easier to conduct business.  Imagine a receptionist having to take an intricate message regarding contract negotiations.

Another change is fewer phone calls. My telephone used to ring off the hook, all weekend long – holidays too.  Not so much anymore, yes I receive phone calls, especially the first week of any new listing.  But many of my inquires are from email.  It wasn’t too many years ago, that when I wanted to see a movie on the weekend, I would have 5-10 voice messages waiting for me as soon as the movie let out.

Now I use a single property website sign rider with a dedicated web site and a QR code.  Anyone interested can visit the website with their smart phone or any computer.  Certainly, I receive phone calls but not as many and rarely on a holiday.

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