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The Life of a New Real Estate Listing

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So what happens when a real estate agent gets a new listing?  There is a lot to do, let’s take a look at the life of a new real estate listing:

File Set Up:

Disclosures are completed and signed by the seller

Termite report ordered and reviewed

A preliminary title report was ordered and reviewed


Ad copy is written for print, Internet, and the Multiple Listing Service

Property brochure and just listed postcards are prepared

Once the home is ready for the photographer, we are ready to roll

Optional Staging:

Some real estate agents will advise their clients on which repairs to make in order to maximize the seller’s bottom line. At Harb & Co., we collaborate with an interior decorator who provides guidance on color selections and also offers suggestions for changing the flooring if needed. Often a fresh coat of paint and a spruce up to the landscape does the trick.  However, a vacant home seller will sometimes opt to have rental furniture brought in.  How far the prep goes is up to the home seller.  A Realtor’s job is to provide the seller with options.


In addition, we need to determine the best day and time to go live in the MLS, the ideal time for open houses, including the brokers open.  In this crazy seller’s market, by the time we get to open houses, there are often multiple offers, and we open escrow quickly.

Now you know the behind the scenes of the life of a real estate listing.

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