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The many hats of a Realtor

Real Estate is a hectic career. Daily, we are project managers, negotiators, or marketing experts. But it doesn’t stop there. The Many Hats of a Realtor:

The many hats of a Realtor

1) Therapist
We spend much time with clients and often get to know them personally. Buying and selling a home can be stressful, sometimes very stressful.

2) Juggler
The worst part of being a real estate agent is the multi-tasking. We juggle an insane number of tasks and to-dos of our own throughout our day, to begin with, but we also have to be ready to handle things others throw at us at any given moment.

3) Mind Reader
As much as some clients share too much information about their lives, others don’t communicate nearly enough. Often, people’s needs change during the process.

4) Fortune Teller
If I only had a crystal ball, I could turn to whenever someone asked me if home values were going up or down, when exactly it’ll happen, and to what extent!

5) Magician
People often think buying or selling houses is easy-peasy… unless they recently went through the process! It’s easy to forget over time, but buying or selling a home is often quite tricky. But we are adept at keeping the process as drama-free as possible.

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