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The offer process, selecting the right buyer

Of course most home sellers want to sell for the highest price. But many are very emotional about their home and neighbors. I just got off the phone with a past client. We received more than a dozen offers on her home. In a certain price range, it’s impossible to underprice a home. Of course you need a decent marketing plan and full exposure to the market. This client was a widow and retiring. I wanted to be certain that she sold for the highest price. But she was very emotional about her home and neighbors. When selecting the right buyer for her home, I asked her permission to shop the highest offer.

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I met the buyer and her agent at the open house. They were both lovely and I knew this buyer would be a perfect addition to the neighborhood. Although, her offered price was substantially over asking price, it was not the highest offer. I contacted her Realtor and asked him if she wanted to match our highest offer. She did and closed escrow. Is this ethical? I think so. The home seller dictates how they handle offers. There is no rule book on how offers are handled. 

What prompted this post was a call from my client. The buyer texted* her a video of her mother crying happy tears when she first saw the home. Selecting the right buyer often has to do with their demeanor. This is why I remind my clients that when they attend an open house to treat it like an interview.

My client’s goal was to find someone who loved her home as much as she did. And would be a good neighbor to all of her neighborhood friends.

*My disclaimer, I remind all of my sellers not to give the buyer their contact info. I should remain the buffer.  But not all of my clients do as I say.

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