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Top seven things to consider when listing your home for sale

When listing your home for sale, you must decide what is most important. Do you want to spend the time, energy, and money to spruce up your home to sell for the highest price? Or is it important to sell with the least effort? The Realtor you select should help you make that decision. Before you choose your Realtor, do some research. Check their online reviews and ask for references. Your Realtor should give you guidance on the following:

Improving Curb Appeal
One of the most important things to address when listing your home for sale is curb appeal! Make sure the first glance potential buyers see is appealing. Click here to read five simple ways to give your home curb appeal. 

improve curb appeal

Picture a builder’s model home. Remove most items from countertops. Thin out collections.

Personal photos are distracting. Allow the buyer to visualize their family living in your home.

Removing valuables and personal papers
Identity theft is a concern.  Remove jewelry and other easy-to-remove (steal) valuables.

Making minor repairs
Minor repairs such as leaky faucets, and broken switch plates should be addressed. Click here for my preferred vendor list.

How most of us live in a home is very different from how it should be showcased. Click here to learn more about home staging.

how to determine your list price

Thorough Cleaning
Have the windows professionally washed and the exterior power washed.

When listing your home for sale, take your Realtor’s advice. That’s why you hire us.

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  1. Carrie says:

    My uncle always said a similar thing. There is no point in hiring a professional if you won’t listen or their advice

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