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Top 7 Reasons your home hasn’t sold

Readers of my real estate blog, who view our monthly real estate statistics, know that it’s a hot seller’s market.  But unfortunately, not every home sells quickly and over asking price. When your home is listed and languishing on the market, when is it time to call it quits? Last year I had one listing which didn’t sell. So why didn’t it sell? There are typically just seven reasons a home hasn’t sold:

  1. Price
  2. Condition (see price)
  3. Location (see price)
  4. Ease in showing
  5. Timing
  6. Seller wants to micro manage
  7. Marketing plan – agent you select

Last year I sold two homes previously listed by other agents who were unable to sell them.  These two different clients hired me. I listed each and sold both for more money than the homes were previously priced.  Both homes were vacant and I had them professionally staged. Each of these listings were ones other Realtors could not sell, but I sold both– over asking price and within 10 days. (See #7 Marketing plan).

Before and After

Each of these home sellers wanted their Realtor’s advice as to how to sell their home quickly for the highest possible price. Their previous Realtors did not offer the homeowner any suggestions as to minimal repairs and improvements.  Fortunately, (see #6), they did not micro manage, they allowed me to outline a course of action.

I would love to tell you that I have never found a home which I couldn’t sell.  But that simply isn’t true.  But, when I am unable to sell a home it’s usually because the client wants to tell me how to do my job. (See #6 Seller wants to micro manage).

Several years ago I had a client who did not want any open houses (he was not a celebrity). Because he had several large (overly protective) dogs, each time the home was shown he would have to remove the dogs from the property.  After much debating about the importance of the Broker’s Caravan, we held it open for real estate agents with two of my team present to ensure his two story home was secure. During the Broker’s Open, a cash buyer stopped by with her real estate agent – I phoned the home seller and he said the cash buyer could not come in the home. For whatever reason the seller was adamant that a potential buyer could only come at a later time by appointment.

March Sunday Open Houses

The cash buyer never returned and we didn’t sell this home.  Showing his home (because of the dogs) was typically an issue. When showing times were not mutually agreeable, many buyers didn’t make a second attempt. (See #4 Ease in showing).

I recently listed a La Canada home previously listed with another real estate agent. The home was vacant and had an alarm. Showings were by appointment. The seller agreed to turn off the alarm and we installed a lockbox (see #4 Ease in showing). We dropped the price $20,000 (see #1 Price) had the home and windows professionally cleaned. We hired a handyman to fix the closet doors (so they ran smoothly on the tracks), and sand down a door which didn’t close (see #2 Condition).  This home is now in escrow.

Harbs Home Maintenance Providers for La Canada Real Estate and La Crescenta homes for sale

If your home hasn’t sold, don’t give up. Selling a home is like a recipe, it can be altered.    For example, omitting certain ingredients while allowed, still requires proper adjustments. Call me and learn how Harb and Co. will sell your home for the highest price.

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3 thoughts on “Top 7 Reasons your home hasn’t sold

  1. Carrie says:

    My uncle had many little life sayings the we all grew up hearing and one seems to apply here. When you are smart enough to hire a professional don’t be stupid and ignore them.

  2. Joyce says:

    Very informative article that I will keep in mind when I decide to list my home again.
    Keep up the good work in alerting sellers of their responsibilities in choosing a knowledgable realtor, such as yourself and following their advice.

    1. Phyllis Harb says:

      Thank you!

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