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What is a pot filler and do you want one?

What is a pot filler, and do you want one? A pot filler: a wall-mounted double-jointed faucet that swings over your cooktop. It is mounted above the cooktop and features an extendable arm that can pull out to fill pots with water. It can then fold back when no longer in use.

What is a pot filler and do you want one


It avoids carrying heavy pots from the sink to the cooktop.
As a large pot full of water is heavy, you will experience less strain.
These faucets allow you to fill water from just above the cooktop, keeping your sink accessible for food preparation by another kitchen helper.


As it is mounted directly above the cooktop, it will get dirty from smoke and grease.
A leak is worse than a regular faucet with a drain directly underneath. A leak can ruin the wall, cooktop, and flooring.
Is the installation cost worth the number of times you will use it?

Furthermore, as far as luxuries go, this is one I can easily do without. In my humble opinion, more maintenance to avoid carrying a pot of water to my cooktop is not worthwhile. Accordingly, there are so many other luxury features I want in a kitchen remodel. Such as a bar sink in my center island.

One thought on “What is a pot filler and do you want one?

  1. Carrie says:

    I am a fan of under cabinet lighting. Not especially fancy but useful and frequently used. A pot filler would not be on my list

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