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What is midcentury-modern architecture?

Midcentury-modern architecture is not simply anything designed around the 1950s but an architectural style with defined principles. The style continues to influence many contemporary architects.

What is midcentury-modern architecture?

Midcentury-modern is an architectural style born in the middle decades of the 21st century. It is not to be compared to a California Ranch as they have more decorative touches such as paned windows versus single pane in mid-century style. Think less decorative and more stream-lined, simpler. Typically, they have open floor plans. Not to be confused with homes recently reconfigured to remove walls and create open space. While not too popular twenty years ago, they have come to be highly sought after in the last ten years.

Lloyd wright mid century modern Glendale

Frank Lloyd Wright is considered by many the most influential figure of the period. His son, Lloyd Wright, took after his father. There are many examples of Lloyd Wright homes found nearby. I have had the pleasure of selling a few: The Gainsbourg House in La Canada and the ER Lewis Home in Glendale

Jack Simison La Canada architect

Simison, an admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright, won numerous awards for his designs. I have had the pleasure of representing a buyer on a Simison home in La Canada’s Sagebrush neighborhood and the seller of another La Canada home. Interesting that when I initially viewed both homes I knew they were architecturally significant. In short, after pulling permits I learned they were designed by Simison.

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  1. Carrie says:

    I can usually pick out a mid century modern by the fireplace. They all seem to have a similar look

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