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What Makes a Great Los Angeles Trust Sale Realtor

As an experienced Los Angeles Trust Sale Realtor, I’ve honed a unique skill set. Guiding clients through the challenging process of selling a cherished home, my role is to assist them in making informed decisions. Sensitivity, empathy, and a profound understanding of their emotions are integral to my approach.

Great Los Angeles Trust Sale Realtor

Recognizing grief as a primary emotion, I employ a calming communication style. My responsibility involves asking pertinent questions to discern how best to assist them. Adapting to my clients’ pace and respecting their timelines is essential.  I have learned that timelines vary. I sold a Pasadena home for a trustee who lived in Canada. She didn’t want to have to travel back and forth and wanted a quick timeline.

There were several trustees in a recent La Canada trust sale, so decision-making was slower as they wanted to agree on all of the details (majority rules). I assisted an Altadena trustee in selling income property. She had managed the units for her mother and was very sensitive to the long-term tenants. I aim to be transparent with my clients to avoid further disappointment. I needed to be honest with her that as the rents were so low, a new buyer would likely raise them. Throughout helping trustees with the sale of what is typically a family home, I have come across just about every imaginable situation.

In situations where there are multiple trustees and potential conflicts arise, my role demands neutrality. I navigate these complexities with compassion, aiming for a smooth sale process.

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