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The Renovation Question: What to Fix When Selling

There is a different set of fix-its for those planning to prepare their home for sale. First, consult with your Realtor who should be working with a home stylist or stager who can help you decide what to fix when selling.

Common Fix-its

The Renovation Question: What to Fix When Selling

Garden: A green lawn trimmed hedges, trees, flowers, and mulched planter beds.
Front Porch: New door mat, remove screen door, repaint the front door, if necessary, potted plants/flowers if room.
Interior: Fresh coat of paint, updated hardware on cabinets.

What to fix when selling? You don’t need to do anything to sell your home in today’s seller’s market.

But don’t you want to know which home improvements will net the highest return? How much to invest depends on your home’s value and your neighborhood. In today’s Los Angeles real estate market, move in ready homes are highly sought after. Your decision is how much or how little you decide to do to prepare your home for sale. But your real estate agent should help you make an informed decision.

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