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Why Don’t You Have Fruit Trees?

George and I purchased our La Canada home during the real estate recession of the early 90s. After several years we could afford to add our pool. We had a delicious apple tree in the middle of our yard, which we were not smart enough to attempt to relocate. I had a fig tree near the fence which was propagated from a branch from my Grandpa’s fig tree. Even though I am allergic to figs, this tree was my pride and joy. I remember my Grandpa trenching his fig tree and soaking the trench.

Although I told my idiot pool contractor to stay clear, he tore it out. For years the only fruit-bearing tree we had was a lemon tree. Our yard is large enough; I never bothered planting any more fruit trees.


One of the first things a new home buyer should do is plant fruit trees. They typically take one to seven years before they bear fruit. Several years ago, I purchased peach, pomegranate, orange, tangerine, apple, and fig trees. My gardener planted them, and I am just beginning to enjoy the fruits of his labor. A couple of weeks ago, I caught a bad cold, and each morning, I picked half a dozen oranges from my tree and made a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. I shook my cold in record time.

fresh squeezed orange juice

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