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What’s Good in the Neighborhood: Gus and Andy’s in Montrose

Like so many other Foothill residents, I anxiously awaited the opening of Gus and Andy’s in Montrose. When my husband and I first went, we waited in line for ten to fifteen minutes only to be told it would be a forty-five-minute wait. After the long wait in line, I was put off and not anxious to try again. My husband suggested we go, but the Yelp reviews were so poor that I declined.

Gus and Andy's in Montrose

With so many local restaurants closed for lunch, I kept an eye on their reviews. Finally, last week, I went for lunch with a co-worker. I was surprised that at 12:30 the restaurant was nearly deserted.  I ordered a hot dog which was reasonably priced for a Vienna beef dog, and it came with fries. Kris ordered a chicken, avocado, and feta pita, and she, too, was pleased with her meal.

As we were one of a very few diners, our food came out quickly and everything was warm. While Gus and Andy’s in Montrose is not new, it is new in the sense of a fresh start with better food and service. They have an extensive menu with something for everyone. I can’t wait to try their breakfast.

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