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What’s it like living in La Canada?

My family moved to La Canada Flintridge in 1993, just when our oldest daughter was entering kindergarten. What’s it like living in La Canada? There are many advantages. Of course the award winning La Canada public schools are a major draw. There are three elementary schools, and one Junior High and just La Canada High School.  Parents who drive their children to private schools, know that many of their friends live in other communities. Playdates are simple here, everyone lives in the same community. There is continuity and you really get to know the families. We are a family friendly town.

What's it like living in La Canada Flintridge

By the time kids enter junior high, they have had the opportunity to meet many new friends from the other elementary schools. Perhaps they met them playing soccer, scouts, Tom Sawyer Camp or a variety of other extra circular activities.

La Canada is a small town, and other than the school traffic during pick up hours there is little traffic. The major disadvantage of living in La Canada is our old infrastructure. My household experiences about eight to ten power outages a year, the longest this year was ten hours.  Internet often goes down, and sometimes for hours.

What’s it like living in La Canada?

It’s peaceful and convenient. My church is less than ten minutes away, the grocery store is less than five minutes from my home. The community of La Canada is very walkable. There are horse trails and hiking trails. From our home we can easily walk to Taylor’s Steak House, Dish Restaurant and the Proper.

La Canada has a lot of stay at home moms. I was a working mom and it was really nice to have stay at home mom’s in the neighborhood to keep extra eyes on things. However, La Canada real estate is extremely expensive. There is only one townhome development in the city.

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