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White kitchen appliances are making a comeback

Originally kitchens were simply a room with shelving, a wood stove, and an eating area. When household electricity became available, kitchen appliances came on the scene with just one choice of color: white. In the 1950s, pastels were the rage, including colors such as Sherwood Green, Turquoise Green, Stratford Yellow, Canary Yellow, Woodtone Brown, Cadet Blue, and Petal Pink. These options offered exciting new decorating opportunities.

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In the psychedelic 1960s, new shades such as Red, Yellow, Pink, Turquoise, and Coppertone were introduced. White, Turquoise, and Coppertone were the stars for several years. By the end of the 60, ‘s Avocado and Harvest Gold replaced Turquoise, which remained popular for more than ten years.

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The 1980s introduced Onyx Black, Coffee, and Almond. The popularity of Almond and Harvest Gold gained momentum, while Coppertone and Avocado were dropped. White appliances regained their popularity in the 1980s through the 90s.

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Stainless steel appliances became popular in the new millennium, and their popularity continues today.

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White is the most popular color, and white kitchen appliances are returning to the design community. They don’t have the bumpy texture from years ago but are smooth and glossy – a clean look. White doesn’t go out of style, makes small areas appear more prominent, and offers a crisp, clean look. Viking introduced white appliances to their appliance line.

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If there is a kitchen remodel in your future, rethink white. If you need a pop of color, consider using it in something inexpensive to change, such as curtains, paint, upholstery, or lighting fixtures.

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4 thoughts on “White kitchen appliances are making a comeback

  1. Joan Mills says:

    Looking for a white fridge. Whirlpool had white ice a few years ago but can’t buy them now. Would love to see some new white styles for todays new white kitchen. Could you tell me what website I could explore.

    1. Phyllis Harb says:

      sorry, that I don’t know, try Snyder Diamond

    2. Kim M Coleman says:

      GE is made in the US, lately I have been finding them at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

  2. Carroll Britton says:

    I want a pearlescent appliance package is there such a finish

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