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Who Should be Holding your Home Open?

Who Should be Holding your Home Open?

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Dear Phyllis,

I look forward to reading your Real Estate Q + A. Last year my daughter sold her home and selected a Realtor® that I would not have recommended. Although homes in my daughter’s neighborhood were selling quickly hers did not. There were several open houses to the public, but her Realtor®, the one who knew all of the details of her home, never once held it open. It was always another agent from her office. And the open houses yielded no results. Finally, after several price reductions, my daughter’s home sold. Do you agree that her Realtor® should have been at the public open houses?


Dear Maria,

I understand that you felt that the listing agent should have given your daughter’s home more attention. I agree with you that it is beneficial to have the listing Realtor® hold open houses. While doing so, the Listing Agent is able to address questions and concerns. The agent will also learn which features buyers appreciate most and their areas of concern. Future advertising can be revised to reflect the positives. Furthermore, this gives the agent an opportunity to be a good listener. Listening allows the Realtor® to vet the buyers and get a feel for which buyer is most likely to close escrow without a renegotiation.

In today’s internet driven society, open houses can be an important selling tool. Most buyers are looking for homes online and a simple way to view them is through open houses. If the home hasn’t sold after the first or second week of open houses, it is time to change strategy. At this point, I find it best that other Realtors® hold the home open. Other real estate agents will bring different social media exposure. They will have their own followers on Instagram, Facebook, etc. This varied online exposure often drives diverse potential buyers to the open house.

Often, I will ask a local lender to co-host an open house with me. My reasoning, is that while I have an online network of friends, past and potential clients, most of their followers are fellow Realtors®. The sharing of my open house with these followers is especially beneficial.

Thanks for the question Maria and I am delighted that your daughter’s home finally closed escrow.

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