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Why are you selling your home?

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As your real estate agent, I need to first know why.

I recently had clients who were downsizing from their La Crescenta home to a Pasadena condo. They were already in escrow on the condo, contingent upon selling their La Crescenta home. Their selling priority was to sell quickly. Had they sold to a buyer contingent upon that buyer selling their home, they could have sold for a higher price, but they would have risked losing their Pasadena condo.

I work with a lot of trust attorneys, and the trustees and heirs are selling to liquidate. Some simply want to complete the selling process as quickly as possible, while others want to make the effort to spruce up the real estate so that they can sell for the highest possible price.

There’s much more to a seller’s statement than “I want to sell my home.” In order to serve my clients, I need to know the “why”. Then I can prepare a detailed marketing plan to meet their goals. There is no cookie cutter approach to selling real estate. Each client has individual needs and goals. And once hired, it’s my highest priority to meet them.

Selling your home need not be a frightful experience. Listing inventory remains tight, if you know someone thinking of selling their home, have them contact me at 818 790-7325 or email @ [email protected]

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